2013 Goals for Sleepydog Woodshop

Well 2012 is coming the a close and I am thinking my goals for the upcoming year. I am one to make resolutions, but I am all for setting goals, and what better place to record them than on my blog so I can actually come back to this post in 12 months and see how many I was able to accomplish. So here goes, for my blog I want post more content, I would love to post one a week but with school and my photography blog that might be pushing it.

  • Post content to my blog twice a month
  • Start a Podcast (this is the year I put some of that schooling in to action)
  • Add video to my blog and podcast.
  • Do more interviews with other woodworker and shop owners and wood working business.
  • Make my blog and podcast better so I can attract sponsorship
  • Use convergence better this year, (be more active on Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus)

These goals for my blog. I also plan on opening an Etsy store this year.

For the shop this year I would like to add a few more tool so I can explained my business plan. So for the shop I want to-

  • Finish writing my business plan, and five year marketing plan with goals.
  • Ether add heat to the shop or find a different shop with heat.
  • Paint the shop
  • Improve dust collection.
  • Rebuild table-saw base
  • Rebuild Shop-Smith
  • Get a 16/32 drum sander

These are some personal woodworking goals I would like to do this year.

  • Attended a woodworking class
  • do a large wood sculpture
  • Finish the kitchen Island
  • Build some thing with some inlay in it
  • Build a banjo
  • Build a set of outdoor lounge chairs
  • Look for a apprentice to train

These are goals I would like to set for my business

  • Look into LLC
  • Start an Esty Store
  • Do at lease three shows
  • Look into doing a home-show or woodworking show as a vender
  • Market my carving knifes

I’m not sure if I can get all this done, but I do know one thing for sure that if I don’t at lease set goals then none of these things will happen on there own. Let know what your goals are for 2013, let me know if you would like to be on my podcast, I am looking for other woodworkers, not just the same guys we keep hearing about. I want to interview¬† the guy working in their garage, the guy who just started woodworking, or the guy who has beed sucking sawdust for years but are well known names. I want to start a podcast where all us unknown woodworker, can have a voice, so if you are interested let know.