Rolling Utility Bench From an Metal Old Toolbox

I had an old cheap metal toolbox that use to piss me off every time I tried to move anywhere. The metal on the bottom that the casters where screwed to was so thin that it would bend any time you moved it, so the wheels never would stay flat or level, one even bent almost to a 90 degree angle when it got caught on a small rock while I had it rolling across the shop one night. Well you can only guess what happen? yep that’s right the tool box flipped! tools spilled everywhere and I took a header over the whole dang thing. Well; I picked myself and my tools up and pushed that box over in the corner with ever intention of taking to the dumpster.

I really couldn’t afford to replace it, and I didn’t have any place handy to put the tools that it was holding, mostly drill bits, marking tools and other misc stuff, that is when I decided to make a new bottom for it. Then while watching some work bench videos on U tube I came up with the idea of making it a rolling work bench. I had some short pieces of 2 x 10s and a small vice; so I cut, glued, and screwed it all together into a nice little handy work surface. The best part I didn’t lose any storage.

Miter Saw Stand, From a Water Bed?

I don’t know how many of these I have seen in the trash, its drawer bases from the old water beds. Well last week a neighbor ask me if I could help her carry one out to the dumpster because she didn’t want it any more, it was left over from a long ago wash up water bed that she was now using under a bunk bed. It was missing a drawer but other than that looked to be OK so I ask if she mind if I recycled it, which she thought was great idea. I thought at lease I could salvage the wood for a clamp rack I need to build, so off to the shop it went. I sat it up on my bench and while moving another table around that I had my miter saw on I happen to sit my saw up on top of the drawers and bingo I got the idea. It appeared that the center section was just wide enough for the saw with some modifications, I could set the saw into it and have a drawer on each side to hold odd and ends that you always need at the saw like a tape measure. Next I needed legs, then I remembered I had some folding legs, which are prefect, that means I can take it on job site with me. The frame wasn’t the most ridged so I made a strong back from 2 x 4 for it to rest on this also raised to a height that I like for sawing, I really hate beaning over a saw trying to see my mark. I knew the 2 x 4 wasn’t  going to stay true so I am giving them a couple of days to adjust to my shop then I will use a straight edge and adjust the table top so it and the saw is in one plane then I will screw everything down using wedges that way if it needs adjusted in the future it will be easy, put some new rubber feet I got on the legs and add a power strip so if I do take it on a job site its ready to go to work. I used it to cut 2 x 4s for my clamp rack, and while it still needs a fence it worked great. A friend of mine who is a carpenter already tried to steal it from me so now it’s on the look out for an waterbed frame so he can build his own, but I bet he just builds one from scratch. 

Shop Tour

Just wanted to show some you guys where I do my wood working these days. Yes its outside and its exposed to the weather so that can be good or bad. I do most my large work out in the grass on a portable work bench. The worse part of working this way is putting finish on my projects, between the wind which we have no shortage of here, and the neighborhood cats, and my own cats, finishing can be a challenge. I use oil for most of my finishing or shellac.  

This is my old bench, I just build a new bench, but it’s at my daughter’s house where I have been using it to fix some of her furniture. I don’t know what I am going to do with this old bench top when I move my new bench over?

Well thats my shop!  I hope to show how I make the best use of what I got. I know it doesn’t look like much but you will be surprise what can be accomplished with it, remember it’s not always what you got, but how you use it.

I have always found the best way to work is to keep it simple, efficient, use quality tools that can be used for more that one purpose,  keep your tools sharp and well maintained,  and do the type of work you enjoy.

Have a peaceful day