A Tail of a Mongrel Woodworker

I have never liked the term hybrid woodworker for someone who uses a combination of power tools and his hand tools to do a job. I believe this is just what a woodworker does to accomplish his task. To me someone who limited their self’s to hand or power only seem more like a hybrid woodworker. The dictionary defines a hybrid as 2: a person whose background is a blend of two diverse cultures or traditions, Ok another definition is 3a: something heterogeneous in origin or composition, <a hybrid of medieval and renaissances styles>. So looking at these two definitions I guess I could really consider myself a hybrid, however a synonym of hybrid is mongrel and that works much better for me so from this day forth I am going to call myself a mongrel woodworker.

2 thoughts on “A Tail of a Mongrel Woodworker

  1. I don’t think there are any hybrid wood workers. Some of us work with hand tools, some with machines and some with both. We are all woodworkers using the tools we are comfutable using. I don’t get the back biting.

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