80/20 Router Fence

A week ago I saw on The Wood Whispers a table-saw fence that he liked, it was an after-market product made from 80/20 aluminum channel made by Very Super Cool Tools. I believe it was a Kick starter project. The fence is nice because of the versatility it gives you on being able to attache things to your fence like, hold downs, or auxiliary fences, and other gizmos. The fence system is build on the biesmeyer frame so it will work with most table saws.

Front view of 80/20 router fence

Back view of router fence

Back view of router fence

Back of the fenceBack of the fenceBack of the fence

80/20 press

Press I got for a dollar

What I want to show you is a router fence I made for my router table about two years go after i picked up a press made from 80/20 at an auction for $1 cash money. Every one thought I lost my mind but I had a plan from the moment I saw that little gem sitting there. so after a few moments of creative deconstruction I got in-touch with my inner child the one who loved to play with the erector set and put together a first class router fence .

Front view without boards

Front view without boards

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