Do I really need a Table Saw?

Now, that I have a larger shop than I have every had, having space for a table saw isn’t a question of room any more, I have plenty of room for my saw with an out feed table, but I have been working without one for a while now so I wonder if I really need or want one.

I guess this will become a question of what kind of work I will end doing in my shop, right now I plan on doing hardwood furniture and sculpture, none of that would use sheet goods which would be the main reason I would use my table saw these days.

I have really gotten comfortable with cutting hardwoods down on my bandsaw then planing them down with one of my hand planes, now this is where I would of used a joiner to straighten the same board then the table saw to cut it to size, but you all know this drill.

 Both work just as well as the other and it really comes down to personal choose. The thing I really do have to remember is now that I do it for my enjoyment which method is the one that I enjoy. Another think I need to remember is that because I have worked in the field for a long time I just know that as people find out that I have a shop again I will end up somewhere along the line doing a job for someone that will require me to build some cabinets or something else out of sheet goods. With that in mind I know I need to keep my table saw even thought I don’t see it any more as my go to saw when I want to rip a board down, but then again with it sitting there luring me with its seductive power I could just fall back into old habits.

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