Change of Focus

Theres a change in the air as fall comes to Ohio and here at The Sleepydog Wood Shop. When I started this blog my focus was on starting a day to day working shop, but then the economy went south or somewhere and the shop never happened, and with the way things look now with my health it never will. Over the summer I finally accepted that I am not going to have a shop for a while if ever and started working on a way of start doing more project in the space I got rather than what I was doing, which was saying, I will wait till I get a shop to build in.

Now working out of a closet should not be a problem for me since I was a carpenter, it’s no different than working out of a truck, so I am ahead of the game there. One of the first thing I started doing has been downsizing my tools which meant selling most my large shop tools and buying bench top tools to replace them and more hand tools. The next thing I want to do is change the focus of this blog to help the numerous other woodworker out there who work without a shop just like me. I really want to start including some video, but not till I can do it  the right way, I do not want to but crappy video on my blog just for the sake of butting up content. I always welcome comment, suggestions and thought from you guys out there and I hope to keep improving my blog in the future, so if your out and your reading this drop me a line even if its just to say hi, or go to hell.

Heres to great and peaceful day


4 thoughts on “Change of Focus

  1. I look forward to your thoughts Joey. I always like to see how others work with limited space and limited tools. Too often we see huge shops and Norm selections of tools to work with. I admire the woodworker who can craft beautiful things with few tools. Good luck!

  2. I am beginning to think I am never going to get out of Ohio so I'm eye-balling this empty building that would make a great "creative space" where I could set up a photo studio, ceramic wheel, stage, radio station and small woodworking shop (I know, a bit scattered but I like all these things) I don't ever plan on making money on any of it, but just the increase in the quality of life is like getting a raise, no? Still thinking…

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