The Sawdust Chronicle’s Build Challenge

Surfaces: That is the the challenge for the build, That Rick Walters at The Sawdust Chronicle’s has presented us this year, which fits prefect with something that I have been working on in my head for the last couple of weeks, It started with a friends son going off to college, and him complaining about not having a table to use his laptop on when he is sitting in his chair watching the TV. His dorm is small and the desk is cramped and he can’t see his TV from the desk, so to solve the problem they got him a fold up tray that was designed to eat dinners off of, you know the type, every one has them in the closet, the old TV trays! not an idea solution.

Well that got me to thinking, there has to be a better design for a fold up table that has a little more style that could be used as a all propose desk or table and still fold up and placed out of the way when not needed.

Then last week I was ripping some boards with my table saw up on my portable work table which is to high for the task, and I got to thinking that the same type of folding table could be used as a tool stand as well as a portable computer desk.

That night I started doodling while watching TV and after about five sheets of drawings I came up with something I liked, then I drew it in SketchUp just to play with an idea I had, next step I want to get some card board and make a mock up before building the table.

When I do build the first table I think I will use plywood and 2x, because it will become my saw stand, after I know it will hold up I can tweak the design for style. I think this would be a great work surface for college student or any one with limited space, the surface can be used as a computer desk, art desk, dinning table, outdoor tables for the scouts, or a number of other possibilities that haven’t even thought about.



2 thoughts on “The Sawdust Chronicle’s Build Challenge

  1. Nice design coming along. Based on Rick's attitude towards plywood, I'm assuming the more formal one will be for the challenge. What do you think you'll make that of? (don't worry, I'm not copying your design. I've got my own in my hear already).

  2. Thanks for your comment, I think I will stay with plywood, for me the challenge of the design is to build a portable lightweight table, the prototype will actually become the saw stand for my table saw. Then the second one will be a camp table I will use for camping with my scout troop. I wouldn't mind doing one out of oak for my friends son with a little more arts and craft style to it, but that depends on money I already have the plywood and don't have purchase any more wood, and if I do the oak I will.

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