Country Island Design

This is a design I really need to take from the drawing board to the kitchen. While I’m still not happy with it yet I think I on the right track. The bottom looks heavy to me so I plan on changing that part. The two drawers at the top are pass through so you can open them from either side your working on, the second shelve is where I want to keep mixing bowls and other essentials needed when I cook. The bottom shelve will be for larger pots and pans. I thought about going with three drawers at the top and I still may do that. I still not sure what to do for the top My wife wants granite for her baking but I’m thinking cutting board with a 2 x 3 marble insert.

This exercise was mostly to help me improve my skills with Sketchup and I must say this one has been the hardest yet because of the turnings on the legs. I am using Sketchup Pro Eval and it has shown some kinks that I wasn’t having with the other free Sketchup I was using


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