Design of the Week Carvers Bench

This is a carvers bench that I have been kicking around since I seen one in a old scroll saw magazine, and then again in a in the last issue of Carvers Illustrated magazine. What makes this bench different is that the top on it is hinged at the front so it will tilt up like a painter’s easel and there is a vice on the side that it can be used with the dog holes for holding flat panels while you carve. This bench can also be used for joinery work like cutting dovetails and tenons. The over all dimensions on the bench is 24″ x 24″ x 32″ high. the top is beach and the base will be out of fir. I really think it is a great little bench to supplement my bigger bench and improve my carving.



3 thoughts on “Design of the Week Carvers Bench

  1. I really like the desing of your carving bench. I have been thinking about something similar myself, but I hadn't thought about making the top tilt. That is a brilliant idea.

  2. Have you began building this yet? I am exceeding interested in seeing how it looks and how the tilt mechanism works with the vise. I too have a small shop and i may build something similar. -Josh

  3. I still haven't had a chance to build this bench yet, right now I have no place to put it, I have been thinking about making a section of my longer bench that will tilt, but I still don't know how that will work. If you get yours build sent me a picture I would love to see it.

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