Fixing Poorly Constructed Chairs

One of the jobs I did in my woodworking career was fixing broken chairs at the University of Cincinnati. Boy, they had a lot of broken chairs, so I got a lot of experience at repairing them.

This past easter sunday one my daughters new chairs, from her new dining set collapsed at dinner, so I spent most of today repairing it.  Now out of all the chairs I have put back in service, I have never seen one as poorly constructed as this one. Not in any of the joint did I find any glue, just pin nails and drywall screws was all that was used to holds this chair together. I thought, maybe it was just one that got past the inspectors, but after checking the other chairs I discovered that was how all the chairs were assembled. This chair didn’t just collapse one of the cross pieces split in half and gouged a nice chunk of skin out of the person that was sitting in it. luckily, he was all right, he was young and bounced, but what if it was one of the older people there for dinner, they would not have been able to have take a fall like that, and the split wooden piece could of done a lot more damage than it did.

Next week, I plan on disassembling all the chairs and gluing them back together the right way. I would say this is just another example of you get what you pay for, but she paid as much them, as she would have for some good chairs, made by someone that cares about what they do.  


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