Design #3

This is my third design and I wish it was the third week of doing this, but it isn’t and I’m a little behind. Oh well, maybe I should do this once a month instead of once a week except then, I would only get them out every two months, so I’ll keep shooting for once a week. lol

 This design is a knock down book shelf that held together with sliding dovetails that lock the tenons in place once they are through the shelf. there is nothing special about this except the way it is held together. If the dovetail was tapered it would even make assemble easier.



2 thoughts on “Design #3

  1. Don't get discouraged – I'm currently on my third stint of "behind on my drawings" so far this year.As for the case – is this meant to be a floor piece or hung on a wall?

  2. It is a free standing piece that is designed to knock down I guess I should of stated that. It could be build on a smaller scale and used as a wall hung piece. I don't but dimensions on my drawings so they aren't as cluttered but the bookcase is 48"w x 10"d x 36"h and 1 1/2" thick.sorry for the confusion Joey

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