Tooling Around

Hello Folks

I have been kicking around some small project that I want to get going on, and one them is a dovetail marking gauge. I usually use a sliding bevel gauge, but it never fails that I knock it off my bench and end up having to reset the angle, sometimes more than once. (Yes, I’m a kulz). I want to make a couple of these dedicated marking gauge with a 1:5 and a 1:8 because these are the two I use most when I cut dovetails, and if I want some other angle I can always make another one or use the old slider. I thought I had the design all worked out until I ran across a picture at Evenfall Woodworks site in one of the his many old manuals on woodworking. I have never seen a tool like this before and I really like the design so I think this is the design I will go with.
There is another marking gauge for marking curved material that I found in a Shop Notes issue that I like, this to also made my list. There are a few more tools that I want to tackle like a set winding sticks and laminated wood straight edge. made 1/8 ” Baltic birch and cherry.

I will post details and pictures as soon as I can. So guys l have a good time be safe and I hope to see back soon



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