Woodworking Tip

If you are like me you use a assortment of glues and solvents around your shop on a daily basis. I like to keep mine in a smaller easier to use squirt bottle that I picked up from the grocery store. I think I got mine at Walmarts for a buck or so, but they sell them all over. They come in a couple of sizes and have a small nozzle that lets you control where you put the fluids. I keep lacquer thinner and mineral spirits in there own bottle, glue in another, and I keep a couple around for wiping varnish and oil finishes. I find these keep their contents cleaner and they are always handy for when I need them rather than fumbling with a larger can or bottle.



One thought on “Woodworking Tip

  1. You need to be a bit careful if you have kids in your workshop and chemicals in bottles that are similar to those found in the kitchen. Try explaining to the hospital why your kid ate an icecream with a topping of danish oil!

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