Native American Flute Project

Every time I make a flute for myself I end giving it away. I will enjoy them for a while then someone always seems to talk me out it. In this case it was my son, he wanted to give a way as a gift to a friend in Oregon who’s house he was staying at while he worked. I have been without a flute now for a couple of month and I figured it was time to make myself a new one. The flute in the picture is one I managed to hang on too for a couple years.

I plan on posting instruction and pic’s of the process. I use mostly hand tools for the work, but I will show how to use a router and router jig that I made to increase production when I need to build more than one.


One thought on “Native American Flute Project

  1. Oh, Joey this is so awesome, I can not wait to see your post on making them, although I do not know if I would ever be capable of making something like this. Sooo awesome. I would love to have one of these. (No, I am not asking you for one for free) Do you ever sell them? I am serious, I would love to know.

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