My Woodworking Goals for 2009

I decided to set some personal goals for myself this year, and I want to put them down on the recorder for future references.
So here they are.
1, Is to learn more about the history of the furniture designers that have influenced how we think about furniture today.
2, Develop more of my hand tool skills, not that I will ever be a total galoot, but I do enjoy working that way at times.
3, To improve my furniture finishing skills. I would like to learn more on furniture finishes techniques from fuming to french polishing.
4, I want to build a nice tool cabinet or tool containment system as I am now calling it.
5, last I want to build a bench I can use personally at home to do hand tool work and craving on .

This don’t sound to daunting, but on top of this I am still trying to open my own shop. and go back to school. All this and trying not to end up living in a tent city with all the other out of work carpenters out there.



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