Back To Being A Carpenter

Well, I’m throwing in the hobbyist badge and going back to woodworking full time. I have tried other jobs like working in a factory and working with computers, but I just can’t let go of my love for the craft to just do it part time. After 25 years of working and learning! it’s really all I know and every thing else I try to do always seem to relates back to it. Being a carpenter is more than an occupation, it’s a force in one’s life. I learned much of what I know about being a man on a job site. Like respect, patience, fulfillment, honor, and rewards for one’s hard work. Most of my hero’s are old carpenters and, I hope I am at lease, for a couple of young men their hero’s for the skills I have passed on to them. I know what I’m doing is not fine woodworking, but it makes me happy to have the chance to do it again. I have been a carpenter for many years now and with luck I will continue, even if I am not working as carpenter, I will also be a carpenter in my own mind, because I am a carpenter.



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