Help With The Table

Well, I made some progress on my table this week. My little shop helper spent some time with me this week and he just had to get into the action by doing a little sanding on the table top, he loves working with me on projects and I can’t wait until he a little older. This little guy even like to sit and watch The New Yankee Workshop with me and loves to point out the router when ever he see one on the show. Router was one of the first words he spoke, and it was one of those funny moments that can only be pulled off by a kid. His mother was trying to get him to say ball, she would say “ball, ball”, and he looked at me then smiled and proudly said “router” I cracked up laughing and again his mom would say “ball” and again he would say “router”. My daughter looked at me and said “see what you have done to my son”, I just said oh well.

I did get the top flat and fixed to the base. I don’t have a circle cutting jig for my router and have had an idea for one for a long time, so I made a prototype and if it works out I will make myself one out of ¼ aluminum plate, I like using aluminum for these type fixtures

I also got the artwork done for the medallion that will grace the center of the table I ended up drawing a Celtic design, I think it will go better that the wildlife montage that I designed I still want to do the wildlife scene, but maybe in stain glass, or intarsia, or a combination of the two, its something I been thinking about for a while a combination of wood and glass. Anyway back to the Celtic medallion I am thinking about chip carving it which will be something I don’t have a lot of experience doing, so this will be a fun challenge. When I get that done I will give it a nice oil finish with some painted details and a half round edge. A couple of people in the apartments have asked about the table since its setting outside on the porch where I do my messy works, and one even asked if I was planning on selling it. We’ll see


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