Table Tales Part 3

This week I feel I made some real progress on my table. I got end boards glued over the sliding dovetail cleats so they are captured in the table now. This gives me away to fasten to top to the base and still let it move freely, a real problem with using a solid top with this kind of a base. Friday I roughly planed it flat and will finish that up after everything is fastened down. Today I got out my jig saw and cut the excess off of the circle so that later this week when I route it I don’t have all that waste to deal with, this also makes the top easier to deal with. I have been knocking around the idea of banding the top in a contrasting wood but I am not sure yet, I have to studying on a bit, because of the problems of the wood movement.

I am however going to add some art work to center of the table. I plan on doing an inlay of one of two designs I did a while ago I am not sure which one I’ll pick. I used one of them on a drum, no actually I used both on drums I made and painted. Both designs will be challenging and will take me a while, so I plan on putting a sealer coat on the top while I work on the inlays then I will do the finial finishing that way we can use the table.

The table sits well and is just the right size for our small apt and I most admit is better that them cheap ones we looked at, and at this point has only cost us about $4.69 so its certainly been a bargain. When I am done with inlay it will be a one of a kind and original sleepydog along with two dogs that will spend many hours under there hoping for some yummy treats from their well trained humans.


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