Is Our County Dying or is There Any Hope

You know I have been planning my business for a few months and have been really excited about it, but this past couple week we have gotten some really bad news in our part of Ohio, DHL which is one of the biggest employers in Wilmington has laid off 6,000 employees. I was listening to a Columbus TV station and they were saying that Gov Strickland “said it looked more like 8,000 or 9,000 employees were going to lose their jobs” although the state is going to try to block DHLs move I think its pretty much a done deal. This is just one of several in the area that has closed down and that has just been in this year alone, and I don’t see with so many people going out business how it would make any sense for me to start a business. I know in my last blog I wrote I thought small business was the way to save these small towns, but now people are not going to have enough money in this area live not alone fix houses or buy custom furniture, they are going to be to busy just trying to survive. Gas prices being as high as they are and food going though the roof, I just don’t see me having any kind of a customer base here. Sadly I am not going to start this venture at this time.

I’m not giving up on my woodworking, oh no. I’m just not going to try making a living at it. I’ll just keep doing it as a hobby and build for friends and family. Maybe takes some classes in some areas that I am weak in like turning, and design. Spend some more time doing hand work which I enjoy. and work on my finishing which most woodworkers are weak at, and I plan on keep writing about it in this blog it will just change it’s focuse.

Now, I just got to figure out whats next, what do I do now, I’m thinking about truck driving school, or hell maybe I’ll just go work at McDonald’s so stay tune and I’ll keep you posted.



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