Slow day

Today has been a slow day. Finally finished the cabinet for my daughter and got it inside her house, placed just where she wanted it, and I must say it looks much nicer than I thought it would. I didn’t expect much from it given what I was working with, but I guess that just goes to show you with a little imagination and low expectations anything is possible. One of the best parts of working on that particular piece was I wasn’t afraid to let my 18 month old grandson help me with it. He got to help plane some wood and was a real natural at it, he sanded a bit and even show a lot of interest in it (I expected that will fade with time). Its funny, now when I ask him if he helped me build that piece of furniture he says YEAP!! and runs over to it and rubs on it like only someone who loves woodworking can rub on a piece of wood, and I can already see the pride in is eyes and I down in my heart I know that I have planted the seed for another generation of woodworkers in my family. I guess I better watch my tools close when this little guys around or I might just be a few planes short when he goes home.

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